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Based in Berlin

Our videos are affordable

We are a video production specialized in film and photo content of destinations and hotels mainly for (your) online blogs, websites and social media.

We integrate attractive influencer in our productions to get more attention. We know many opinon leader and create concepts around them. Always for our customers.

Every customer is welcome. With our premium productions we offer high quality of the top class.

For lower budgets we offer our standard productions with smaller team and less equipment. But with as much creativity as the high end productions.

You want to produce a video. Tell us about your idea. Call us or write us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Video is king

Video is more important than ever

Videos content should not be missing in your marketing strategy. 90% of the information transmitted to our brain is visual, and visual information is processed much faster than text.

People prefer to look at pictures instead of reading texts. With a video you can transport emotions as well as information. "A picture says more than thousand words".

Videos on the website improve the ranking in search engines and are the most shared content in the social media.

We are your experts for video production. No other medium offers such success.

Media consumption

Media consumption has changed

Videos on social medias reach users just as much as a tv spot. Influencers are the new TV channels with huge media coverage.

The costs for video productions have fallen sharply in recent years. Video advertising makes sense even with small budgets.

The rise of the mobile phone has also changed the way people consume content. Consumers do not turn their cell phones to watch videos. Instagram and Snapchat have introduced vertical formats. It was followed by Facebook and recently even YouTube.

Content producer

We are your partner for video content

Maybe you already have a concrete idea - or maybe you don't. We work on your ideas and advise you to get the best for your campaign. The development of video campaigns means for us an exciting cooperation at eye level.

We also create concepts and love to work closely with clients on projects. With the creativity of our directors, cameramen and the skill of the cutters, the concept is filled with life and makes the video so valuable.

Our productions can involve influencer. We have also excellent contacts to professionals in influencer marketing.


We are professional film maker

We are a collective for many years in the field of professional advertising film. We are producers, directors, cameramen, photographers, etc.

We work with a young and experienced teams. It is precisely this mix that creates contemporary, high-end quality.  

We are all aware about video, photography, cinemagraphs, instagram stories, snapchat content, bumper ads, prerolls, gifs, vlogs  – and more formats you haven't heard of yet.


Viral distribution via storytelling

Storytelling is one of the main drivers of human evolution, as it has passed on knowledge, warned of dangers and provided motivation. Storytelling is in vogue. Today's customers no longer only want pure information about products, but want to be addressed on an emotional level.

In storytelling marketing, the story leads directly to the product to be advertised. Supported by breathtaking pictures and emotional background music, storytelling is particularly suitable for tourism marketing.

Traffic Boost

Traffic Boost through Influencer & Testimonials

Succesful online video marketing need huge traffic. Beside sponsoring posts it could be very successful to integrate popular influencer in your campaign.

We have good contacts to several big influencer (especially from the fitness field) and know who are professional and fits to your destination, brand, event and genaeral image.

We can also find and negotiate with testimonials who can be used for your online marketing campaign.


Collection of the best travel videos

In our blog you will regularly see new commercials and marketing content from the travel industry. With a visit to our blog you are up to date. Perhaps you will find a good inspiration on how your destination, hotel or other product can be advertised.

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