People prefer to look at pictures instead of reading texts. With a video you can transport emotions as well as information. Videos on the website improve the ranking on google. We realize high-quality video content in various formats. Our videos are produced in 4k or minimum Full HD.



Commercials are fundamental advertisements that are broadcasted through the television and nowadays Internet. In general, the vast majority of commercials or consist of brief spots, typically ranging in length from 10 - 30 seconds.


A short film that portrays a brand or a product for advertising purposes. Infomercials will typically last between 30 minutes to one hour. Commercials that assume this length are used to promote a wide variety of products or services that are typically marketed to individual consumers.


The preroll ads are classic commercials that are played exclusively in front of the video content. Such commercials receive a high level of attention from the viewers, as they are shown immediately before the video clip of your choice.

Influencer Video

We have cooperations with popular influencer who report on brands or present products in social networks. Through a high reputation and a strong presence, they have a great influence on their followers. We are also involving influencer in high end video production to get big traffic.

Vertical content

More than 70 percent of YouTube watch time happens on mobile devices. Consumers don't like to turn the phone around.

A vertical video is a video created either by a camera or computer that is intended for viewing in portrait mode, producing an image that is taller than it is wide.


Instagram Stories

Instagram is mainly viewed on the mobile. The new IGTV (Instagram TV) supports mobile consumption mostly vertically. This interactive full-screen format can attract the attention of users better than any previous format.

Snapchat Ad

Successful platforms as Snapchat which use the more mobile-friendly portrait format, have led to an increase in the production of vertical videos by video creators, marketers and media companies.

Facebook Posts

By the late 2010s, many online video platforms began embracing the use of vertical video due to the growing use of mobile devices. Facebook present also short vertical video sequences for online stories.


In 2018 YouTube also unveiled a new vertical video ad format, saying “more than 70 percent of YouTube watch time happens on mobile devices.“ YouTube introduced the capability for vertical video without black bars on its desktop website and in social media embeds.

Content Pieces

Content pieces are still images that contain an often small, repetitive movement. They appear to the viewer as an image rather than a short video. They are created by capturing a series of photographs or a video and placing it in an endlessly repeating sequence of images using image editing software.



Cinemagraphs generally play with the concepts of motion and time. They are “living photos” that combine moving and static elements in the same frame, creating an eye-catching and elegant effect, which often stimulates an emotional response of surprise and astonishment in the viewer.


Animation is any technique in which a moving image is created for the viewer by creating and displaying individual images.


GIFs are less concerned with image quality and artistic content; they rely more heavily on humor and evoking a comical reaction.


Bumper ads are very short videos that help you reach more users and increase your brand awareness with short, catchy messages. The videos must not be longer than six seconds, so that the user does not feel disturbed while surfing.


Phil Hollister has been a photographer and traveller for many years. He presents his pictures in his blog. He also photographs for numerous clients and online magazines. We can also supply professional texts from well-known travel editors.



Due to our long professional experience in the field of destination marketing, our photographer knows what is important. We also implement new marketing goals for certain target groups in pictures.

Hotels & Airlines

Strong image content on the Internet can very quickly lead to an increase in bookings. Different motifs are necessary for different target groups. In one production many motives can be converted.

Behind the scenes

Often the most successful content is created backstage from the actual productions. interesting pictures of the working life of the influencers attract attention and are very often distributed virally on the net.

People & Events

People are interested in other people. We have made many event organizers happy with great pictures of the events. On the one hand these pictures bring traffic - on the other hand you can advertise new events with them.